Our Story

Why Rialto?

As of 2020, the population of Rialto was estimated at 104,132 residents. The median age of residents in the City of Rialto is 30-40 years old with roughly 88% of the people having families.

Of that number, only 15% of the total population identify as evangelical believers. This leaves nearly 88,512 people who identify as unbelievers or people who belong to groups that do not identify with Christ. If we take this number and multiply it by three, (to include San Bernardino and colton) this gives us 265,536 lost souls in this community and its surrounding neighbors; People are in dire need of Christ!

I accepted my calling into Ministry while in the Marine Corps but during the early years of my ministry we struggled to find a place to worship and grow in our home city. We served on staff at churches in Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Riverside, and Menifee but each resulted in us being pulled back home to Rialto.

For years we wondered why God kept bringing us back to this community in spite of there being for ministry. Finally God allowed us to see that this void is our need burden to bear. We finally realized that we had been set apart for the Gospel of God in Rialto and its surrounding areas, Romans 1:1.

On one Sunday, a small group of 20 got together at the park to pass out water and pray for the community. Prior to that we prayed and had a time of devotion. Since that Sunday we have met every week and Tri-City Church began!

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